New song taken from the upcoming EP, “Styx Demon: The Master of Death” (release date TBA).
The song is released digitally on all platforms through Evil Eye Records.

Check out for merchandise, including a Megalodon shirt (which also gives you a free download of the track).

Recorded at Death Island Studios
Produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Angioni
Artwork by Mario Lopez
Shirt printed by Soundcenter
Music and lyrics by Søren Crawack

Impalers are:
Søren Crawack – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Thomas Carnell – Lead Guitar
Kenneth Frandsen – Bass Guitar
Rasmus Kjær – Drums


Have you ever been at sea?
And watched the Great White eat?
Witnessing the massacre as they tear flesh off the meat?

They move in for the feast
Lines of crooked teeth
But back in time there existed an even greater beast

It ascends
It kills again

A machine that never sleeps
A creature of the deep
A monstrous jaw of death and blood that through the oceans sweep

A killer that will maim
A deliverer of pain
A petrifying evil that above all else reign

It ascends
It kills again

[Solo – Carnell]


[Solo – Carnell]

It ascends
It kills again x2


Impalers, Thrash Metal

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