Song from the Lords Of Black debut album “Lords Of Black” 2014. All rights Reserved.

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Music: Andy C. / Lyrics: Tony Hernando

Tried to leave the past behind
Never had the words to say
Where the pieces of a broken life
Still burning

I remember you and I
When the moon rose higher
Golden dreams now turning into

Now you’re lonely and still no guilt inside
What you want from me now that
I am helpless

Like an Eagle when she rides
Against the wind
Running thru the chapters to my darkest days
I can’t give you what I was told not to give
I forgive but I can not forget you

Many things have changed along the way
But we never stayed too close to feel
Love or hate
Just promises… not meant to be
Where did it all go wrong?
Just tell me why



Now you’re lonely and still no guilt inside
Where did it all go wrong?

Now you tell me why



Lords of Black

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