Branded and Exiled is an album (the second) by Running Wild. It was the first to feature Majk Moti on guitar.

Track listing:

1. “Branded and Exiled” (Rolf Kasparek) 3:54
2. “Gods of Iron” (Rolf Kasparek) 4:00
3. “Realm of Shades” (Rolf Kasparek/Stephan Boriss – Rolf Kasparek) 4:29
4. “Mordor” (Rolf Kasparek) 4:50
5. “Fight the Oppression” (Rolf Kasparek) 4:46
6. “Evil Spirit” (Stephan Boriss) 3:20
7. “Marching to Die” (Rolf Kasparek) 4:36
8. “Chains and Leather” (Rolf Kasparek) 5:46


Rock’n’Rolf: vocals, guitar
Majk Moti: guitar
Stephan Boriss: bass
Hasche: drums

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