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Out September 30!

“NIÐAVELLIR is the home of the Dwarfs and the song tells the story of their clan lying down to rest in their cave. The floor is clean, plenty of space for everyone and Náinn sings for the rest of them. Niðavellir is a good place to spend your days, play, work and rest. The Dwarfs are happy.
The video was shot on the North East coast of Iceland, close to where we grew up. This paradise is called Bjargarkrókur, a location we used for our recent promo shoot. One take without too much thought put into it and the six of us really hearing the final product for the first time. What you read from our faces is what we actually feel. ”

A stunning and winding trip through Norse mythology awaits on Vögguvísur Yggdrasils – and the best travel guides are and will always be Reykjavik-based Viking metallers SKÀLMÖLD!!! They already proved on three albums (the latest effort being Með Vættum in 2014) that they`re rather well-versed when it comes to Odin and his lot, but now the Icelandic sixpiece delves into the Nine Worlds from Muspellsheim (fire) to Nifelheim (ice) – all held together by world tree Yggdrasil. The perfect backdrop for the fifth longplayer by these genre heavyweights that smoothly moves from highly melodic and epic Viking metal to picturesque folklore. Odin owns ye all!


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