TUNGS10 – Stuck Inside (Official Video)
Footages recorded at “La Citrouille” in St brieuc.
Lyrics and music by Cédric Andreolli.

Tungs10 is a female fronted metal band from French Brittany. They play a powerful metal with a melodic voice.

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A huge “Thank you” to “La Citrouille” who offered us a memorable night. They also provided the multi-camera recording for free. guys, you really rock !!!!

Vocals, white lady : Madeleine Kowalczyk
Guitar & vocals : Cédric Andreolli
Guitar : Pierre-Yves Jaouen
Drums : Benjamin Andreolli
Bass : Sébastien Morvan
The lost soul : Jacques-Emmanuel

The brain works and you’re waiting for the day to start.
As everyday ! They’ll wash you, dress you !
They’ll clean your face and put your breakfast through your veins.
There is no escape, you’re stuck into your flesh,
Your TV show ‘s gonna start one more day !

Stuck inside, no one understands, how sad you are
Stuck until you die, no one hears your pain, no one hears you cry
They’re visiting you once a week, telling you stories they shouldn’t tell
and you have to, stay, there,
listening to what they want you to hear.
And you have to, take, care,
that they won’t notice your tears

Another day and so much pain, you wish that you were dead
You feel like you’ve already left, but no one will take your life away

Amongst the band who inspire us, we can mention: In Flames, Dream Theater, Nightwish, Epica, Forever Still, Alter Bridge, Lacuna Coil and many more.


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